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    How long are the guided tours?
    The guided tours last three hours (break included).

    How big are the groups for the guided tours?
    For a tour to take place, the groups should be at least of 4 people. If less than 4 people have booked for a tour, we will try to bring together two different groups.

    Can I book a private guided tour for my friends or family and me?
    Sure! Just tell us that you want a private tour when filling in the booking form or on the phone.

    How much cost the tours?
    The guided tours cost between 29€ and 45€ depending on the city. There are special rates for children, students and large groups.

    Where do we meet and start?
    The meeting point is for each city clearly specified in our website. Please contact us if more information are needed.

    Are children welcome on the tours?
    Children over 12 years old are more than welcome, they can ride along on an adult bike. For the little ones up to 22 kg, you can reserve a child seat.

    What is your cancellation policy?
    There is no cancellation fee. If you paid your tour in advance, you will get a refund. If you chose to pay directly at the tour, you will not have to pay anything.

    Can I store my luggage in your office?
    Sure! We have secure lockers for your bags.

    Do I have to book in advance?
    Yes, please book at least two days in advance. If you want to book for the following day, please call our reservation line to check availability.

    Which days are you open for the guided tours and rentals?
    The days and hours for each tour are indicated on our website.

    Can I chose the language of my tour?
    Yes you can, our guides speak French, English, Dutch and German.


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    Do we have to give a security deposit?
    Yes, for each product we will ask you for a security deposit. The amount will depend on two factors: The theft insurance and the type of product. The amount will be given to you directly in the shop when you rent your bikes.

    What is theft insurance?
    Because we know that theft is a possibility, we offer a theft insurance option. This insurance will enable you to pay less or none of the excess fee asked if the bike is stolen.
    The price of the insurance depends on the type of bike and the rental period. For each product there are two kinds of insurance :

    50% theft insurance : In case of theft, Holland Bikes will charge you an excess fee equal to 50% of the amount security deposit.

    100% theft insurance: In case of theft, you will be completely covered and won’t have to pay any excess fee.

    Please be aware : Holland Bikes does not force you to subscribe to the theft insurance. On another han we highly recommend it. In deed, with the theft insurance, if your bike is stolen during your rental, Holland Bikes will ask you to pay 100% of the security deposit.

    Can I return my bike earlier or later than initially planned?

    Yes, under some conditions. You may change your rental period up to 24 hours before departure. Once you have picked up your bikes, we do not accept changes in order to shorten your rental period. On another hand, if you wish to extend your bike rental, you are welcome to call your Holland Bikes store and see if the bikes are still available.

    Please be aware : Once you have picked up the bikes, we do not refund in case of early returns. We advise you to rent for a minimum period and extend your rental afterwards.

    When do I have to bring back the bikes?
    For half a day or daily rentals we ask you to bring the bikes back during the opening hours of the shop. However, if you choose our Pick and Go system (only available in Paris and Nice at the moment), you are free to bring back the bikes whenever you want, even outside our opening hours.

    For longer periods, we base our prices on 24 hours rentals. Therefore, you can bring the bikes back in the evening before the shop closes or on the next day at the same time you rented out the bikes (the departure hour is written on your contract).

    Do the bikes have baskets and locks?
    All our bikes come with a lock. For the basket, most of our bikes can support one, but we advise you to contact the shop to be sure.

    What happens if I loose the key to my lock?
    Don’t panic. This can happen to everyone ! You will just have to call the shop in charge of your rental in order to find the best solution for you.

    Please be aware: If we need to cut the lock, Holland Bikes will charge you an extra fee at the end of your rental.

    What happens if I have an accident with the bike?
    In renting a bike you become responsible for it. If the bike is damaged, we will charge you the price of the damage goods. Concerning the accident, you will need to see with your personal insurance directly.

    Can I adapt a tag along on my own bike?
    In theory, yes, if you have a bike without a pannier rack at the back. However, it will depend on the diameter of your saddle tube. We advise you to pass by the shop with your bike and discuss the matter with our mechanic before renting a tag along.

    Can I put a child seat on my own bike?
    On the contrary of the tag along, you will need a pannier rack on the back wheel to put a child seat. If so, then there is no problem, we will help you install the seat.

    Do I need to book in advance?
    We highly recommend that you do. However, depending on the time of year, it is more or less important. If you wish to rent bikes in summer (especially on the Ile de Ré), we recommend that you book online as soon as you can.

    Holland Bikes rents special and original bikes (cargo-bikes, Child and Adult tandems, Lopifit..), in limited stock. Be sure to book them before coming.

    For all bookings, please go to our website : www.hollandbikes.com and choose the shop you wish to rent from.

    Can I cancel my booking?
    Yes ! You can cancel you booking at any time. However, if you cancel less than 48 hours before the start of your bike rental, we do not guarantee you the refund if you have already given a booking deposit.

    What if I realize something was broken on the bike before I used it?
    Holland Bikes commits to checking and maintaining the bikes regularly. However, it is possible that we miss out on a detail. As indicated in your contract, you have 30 minutes to report the damages to us.

    How can I pay my bike rental?
    We accept cash and credit cards.

    Can I have my bikes delivered to my holiday resort?
    Currently this service is only available on Ile de Ré.

    What happens if I breakdown during a bike ride?
    Once again, don’t panic ! Our bikes have anti-puncture tires and the Nexus system that integrates the gears in the wheel hub doesn’t allow for chains coming off. Nevertheless, we are aware that anything could happen. Therefore we have a free breakdown service. To know the details about this service, please call the bike rental shop directly.

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