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    Bike rentals in Paris

    Bike rentals in Paris

    Discover Paris in a different light

    So many of our tour customers have asked us if they could also rent a bike to explore Paris on their own and now, finally, the answer is :


    YES, YOU CAN !




    You can now rent a bike from our rental point close to the Arc de Triomphe or our rental point close to Notre Dame !

    Discover Paris at your own pace, focusing on several districts or just ride along the Seine (you choose). Our comfortable Dutch city bikes or electric bikes will assure you a pleasant ride. You can even rent electric cargobikes and/or child bikes!

    How cool is that ? 

    For even more freedom, check out our new Pick and Go service, which will allow you to pick up and return the bikes when YOU are ready (bye bye restrictions of opening hours!).

    Most of our customers prefer joining a 3 hour guided bike tour through Paris,  in their native language, before renting a bike on their own. It helps them get over the fear of riding through Paris and have a first glimpse of the city. Our guides will be happy to advise you on other places to go on your own or on how to go back to a place you really enjoyed during the tour !

    Feel free to check out our different tours and see which one suits you the most.




    NEW !


                                  learn more

    Would you like to ride a bike in Paris with your friends and family? Wether you live in Paris or are visiting Paris for a few days, we understand that having a bike can be a hassle (no place to store it in Paris, you don’t bike enough to need one of your own, too much hassle to bring your own bikes for a few days etc…). Therefore, we have extended our services to bike rental !

    Of course, you could rent a Vélib (or a bike from another free floating company) but have you ever wondered about :

    1. Renting more than 1 bike at a time ?

    2. Keeping the bike for the entire day ? ( Yes, you get 30 mins free (hurray), but if you want to keep the bike the whole day then the prices go up very quickly , last time we tested it, it cost us 59€)

    3. Biking through Paris with your children ?

    If you have asked yourself these questions (or other questions related to renting a bike as a group of friends or family, from a free floating company) and you haven’t found a positive answer, then Holland Bikes is the place for you !

    Why, you ask ? Here are a few examples of how we have the right service for you : 

    1. To make your bike ride enjoyable and hassle-free, we offer you a wide range of high quality bicycles made in Holland. These bikes have the following characteristics:

    • Comfortable and well secured (no more back aches, broken chains or flat tires!)
    • Practical and multi-purpose : with or without basket/child seat/electrical assistance or to carry 4 children at the same time etc…
    • Great prestigious brands with more than 100 years of experience such as Gazelle and Batavus !
    • They look really cool, therefore riding a Dutch bike increases your coolness !

    2. You can rent as many bikes as you wish for as long as you want, whenever you want + they are checked and maintained every day !

    3. You can rent a bike for only 19€/day and pick it up/return it whenever you want thanks to our unique Pick and Go service.

    4. Because we all love spending time with our children, we have also thought about yours ! You can choose between a child seat , a child bike or a cargobike. Holland Bikes allows you to bike the city with the whole family !

    And last but not least, we are a fun & international team who will always be happy to help/advise or simply chat with you!

    Oh and, we really do speak English ! 🇬🇧

    So what are you waiting for ? Book a bike now and bike the city in style (while being safe and comfortable of course !)


    Our bikes

    Dutch Bikes



    Cargo bikes & Cargo trikes


    Child Bikes




    (Arc de Triomphe)

    Opposite 8 avenue Foch ,

    In the car park “Etoile-Foch”, level -2

    75016 PARIS

    metro-paris logo-metro-1-glogo-metro-2-glogo-metro-6-g rer-paris a

    Charles de Gaulle Etoile




    15 rue Lagrange

    In the car park “Lagrange-Maubert”, level -1

    75005 PARIS

    metro-paris  rer-paris 
    Saint-Michel Notre Dame





    9.00 am – 8.00 pm