How to find us ?

holland bikes niceYour bike is ready and waiting for you  in front of our Holland Bikes shop at 2 rue Blacas, Nice.


How to pick up your bike?


If you have booked online through our website, you will receive a booking confirmation with the bike number(s) and lock code(s) by e-mail a few hours before your rental starts.

If you have booked through one of our partners, we will give you a call before your rental to give you your bike number(s) and lock code(s). For this, we will ask you your credit details as a security deposit (no money will be taken or blocked)

If you haven’t booked before coming, no problem ! Just give us a call at +33 (0)7 05 26 23 . All you need is a valid credit card and an e-mail address.

Once you have you bike number(s) and lock code(s), find your bike(s) by looking at the numbers on the rear mudguard of the bikes.

Now that you have your bike(s), simply unlock them by using the 4 digit code(s) that we have given you.

When you come back from your wonderful ride through the city, simply lock the bikes back to the cable, as they were when you picked them up !

Best part of all this ? You are free to pick up and bring back the bikes at your convenience, meaning you don’t have the pressure of opening/closing time of our shop. How cool is that ?

Haven’t booked a bike yet ?


Terms & Conditions

Please note that during the time of rental you are fully responsible for the bikes.

Below, you will find the link to our rental conditions and a full list of replacement and repair costs.


Holland Bikes rental Terms & Conditions