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    Terms and Conditions – Bike rental

    Terms and Conditions – Bike rental

    Thank you for using our bike rental service.
    Please note that during the time of rental you are fully responsable for the bikes.
    Below you find the rental conditions and a full list of replacement and repair costs.


    ART 1 : The bicyles and accessories, at all time, remain the exclusive property of Holland Bikes. You accept full responsibility for the care of this equipment and are responsible for its damage or loss. You have 30 minutes from the beginning of the use of the equipment to report any malfunction, after which all repairs needed as a result of the use of the equipment will be attributed to you and may be subject to additional charges.

    ART. 2 : The equipment is used at your own risk. You will release Holland Bikes of all liability in the case of injuries or damages to the user(s) of the equipment or to any other person or property. You agree not to make a claim against Holland Bikes for injuries or damages relating to bicycling or the use of this equipment.

    ART. 3 : In case of theft or accident, you must contact Holland Bikes immediately, make a declaration to the local police and submit a copy to Holland Bikes.

    ART. 4 : You have the option to subscribe an anti-theft guarantee. This guarantee only applies in case of theft and upon submission of the police declaration referred to above. An excess payment may be required depending on the level of coverage selected. The guarantee does not cover for damages incurred during the time of rental. The full list of damages and related repair costs is available through the link below.

    ART. 5 : It is forbidden to modify or carry out major repairs to the bicycles, to sub-rent or lend the bicycles, to carry a passenger other than an infant in a designated child seat.

    ART. 6 : Our bikes are equipped with a chain lock that you shall use at all times when parking the bicycle. It is mandatory to attach the frame of the bike to a fixed object that cannot be moved or removed.

    ART. 7 : You authorize Holland Bikes to use your credit card information to pay for the rental and to cover for potential damages and/or loss of the bike(s).

    ART. 8 : The rental agreement terminates upon return of the bikes and after verification of their condition by a Holland Bikes agent. You will receive notification of the termination of the agreement and the total amount debited from your credit card by email.

    ART. 9 : All disputes arising in connection with the rental agreement shall be settled by the courts of Paris, France.
    Replacement and repair costs in case of loss or damage

    We hope you enjoy your ride !