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The best of bike rental in France

Holland Bikes, has selected for you the best of the Dutch bike and invites you to these different rental points throughout France.

Cycling is a good form of exercise. It is also a simple, eco-friendly transportation option. On a bike, it is easy to travel 30 to 50 kilometers a day, so the bicycle appears as the means of transport to discover the most beautiful regions of France.

Our team is at your disposal and supports you in your choice of bike rental.






Please note that during the time of rental you are fully responsable for the bikes.

The bicycles and accessories, at all time, remain the exclusive property of Holland Bikes. You accept full responsibility for the care of this equipment and are responsible for its damage or loss. You have 30 minutes from the beginning of the use of the equipment to report any malfunction, after which, all repairs needed as a result of the use of the equipment will be attributed to you and may be subject to additional charges.

You are responsible for the material during the entire rental. Any damage on the bike will be charged by Holland Bikes according to our cost and repair list. The equipment is used at your own risk. You will release Holland Bikes of all liability in the case of injuries or damages to the user(s) of the equipment or to any other person or property. You agree not to make a claim against Holland Bikes for injuries or damages relating to cycling or the use of this equipment.

In case of theft or accident, you must contact Holland Bikes immediately, make a declaration to the local police and submit a copy to Holland Bikes.

You have the option to subscribe an anti-theft guarantee. This guarantee only applies in case of theft and upon submission of the police declaration referred to above. An excess payment may be required depending on the level of coverage selected. The guarantee does not cover for damages incurred during the time of rental. The full list of damages and related repair costs is available through the link below.

It is forbidden to modify or carry out major repairs to the bicycles, to sub-rent or lend the bicycles, to carry a passenger other than an infant in a designated child seat.

Our bikes are equipped with a chain lock that you shall use at all times when parking the bicycle. It is mandatory to attach the frame of the bike to a fixed object that cannot be moved or removed. Overnight, we ask you to park the bicycles inside and locked. If you have rented an E-bike or an E-cargobike, please take the batterie out at night. 

If the bike was not attached under these terms, the anti-theft guarantee, even if subscribed, will not apply.

All rented bicycles must be returned to the same rental location where they were picked up. If for some reason you have to return the bicycle to another rental point, we ask the customer to inform us by telephone or e-mail. Costs will be charged for this; €20 per bicycle if we have been informed about this and €50 per bicycle if we have not been informed about this.

In the event of a breakdown on your bike and the impossibility of returning it to the rental point, you will have to attach the cycle by the frame to a sturdy object that cannot be moved or taken apart. You agree to photograph the precise information of its location and send all the details needed for its recovery to our team, by e-mail or telephone. You will then be offered another bike. Please note that we only operate in the Paris intra muros area. For an intervention within 20 kms outside of Paris, we charge 50€ / bike. Within the next 20 kms, the picking up per bike is 100 €. This fee increases by 100 € after each additional 20 km. 

You authorize Holland Bikes to use your credit card information to pay for the rental and to cover for potential damages and/or loss of the bike(s).

The rental agreement terminates upon return of the bikes and after verification of their condition by a Holland Bikes agent.

For each rental we ask for a  security deposit. It will be taken by credit card imprint. Therefore, nothing will be debited or blocked.

Phone holder rental – Holland Bikes is not responsible for any damage caused to your phone related to the use of it.

If you return your bike late (after the end of the initial contractual rental period) without informing our customer service, Holland Bikes reserves the right to charge an administration and rescheduling fee of 50€ per bike on top of the additional rental fees.

You have until 24hours before the start of your rental to inform Holland Bikes about any changes concerning your booking. Once you have entered the rental agreement, you will not be able to shorten the rental dates. If you wish to extend your rental, please contact your Holland Bikes shop in order to see if the bikes you have rented are still available.

In the case of a cancellation less than 24h before your rental start time you will not receive a refund. If you want to receive a refund please make sure that you cancel your booking 24h before the start of your rental time. If you bring the bikes back before the end date of your booking, you will lose any benefits of special offers, if you no longer meet the conditions.

All disputes arising in connection with the rental agreement shall be settled by the courts of Paris, France.


We ask for your Credit Card details as security. We do not take any deposit (i.e: no money is charged to your bank account). 

Because we know that theft is a possibility, we offer different theft insurance options. This insurance will enable you to pay less or none of the excess fee asked if the bike is stolen.

The price of the insurance depends on the type of bike and the rental period.  For each product there are two kinds of insurance (only available on certain products, please check with us if it is available before booking) :

  • 50% theft insurance : In case of theft, Holland Bikes will charge the equivalent of 50% of the value of the bike stoleN
  • 100% theft insurance: In case of theft, you will be completely covered and won’t have to pay anything.

Please be aware : Holland Bikes does not force you to subscribe to the theft insurance. We do highly recommend it though. Please take into consideration that in case of theft during your rental, Holland Bikes will charge you 100% of the value of the bike.

Yes, under some conditions. You may change your rental period up to 24 hours before departure. Once you have picked up your bikes, we do not accept changes in order to shorten your rental period. On another hand, if you wish to extend your bike rental, you are welcome to call your Holland Bikes store and see if the bikes are still available.

Please be aware : Once you have picked up the bikes, we do not refund in case of early returns. We advise you to rent for a minimum period and extend your rental afterwards.

Please always bring back the bikes according to your selected timeframe. If you cannot bring them back on time please call us. Please be aware that our customer service is only available between 9 am and 6 pm. In a case of a later return please inform us beforehand.

All our bikes come with a lock included in the rental price. 

The baskets are an extra option that you can choose add to your rental. 

In renting a bike you become responsible for it. If the bike is damaged, we will charge you the price of the damage goods. Concerning the accident, you will need to see with your personal insurance directly.

We highly recommend that you do. However, depending on the time of year, it is more or less important. If you wish to rent bikes in summer (especially on the Ile de Ré), we recommend that you book online as soon as you can.

Holland Bikes rents special and original bikes (cargo-bikes, Child and Adult tandems…), in limited stock. Be sure to book them before coming.

Holland Bikes commits to checking and maintaining the bikes regularly. However, it is possible that we miss out on a detail. As indicated in your contract, you have 30 minutes to report the damages to us.

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