Why choose Holland Bikes ?

High quality bikes

100% Dutch

Comfortable and secure 

Practical and multi-purpose

Great prestigious brands 


They look really cool ! 

High quality service

100% Great

Quick & Easy rental process 

Regular bike maintenance

International & reachable team


We would love to help you !

How does it work ?

Online Booking

3 easy steps to online booking :

  1. Choose a rental period
  2. Choose your bike(s)
  3. Pay by credit card

Give us a call

If you are already on site or if you prefer talking to us over the phone more than booking online : 


Our customer advisors will be happy to help you and book your bike(s) for you. 

+33 (0)6 52 32 31 00


What's next ?

Once you have booked your bikes :

  1. Check your confirmation e-mail
  2. Discover your bike number(s) and lock code(s)
  3. Pick up your bike(s)

Please be aware : For a rental starting more than 24h after the booking, you will receive the e-mail 4 hours before your rental starts.


Pick up your bike & enjoy !

Picking up your bike(s)

  1. Go to the Holland Bikes location you have chosen 
  2. Find your bike & unlock it 
  3. Ride the city & enjoy

Best part of all this ? You are free to pick up and bring back the bikes at your convenience. No more pressure of opening/closing time of our shop. How cool is that ?

If you have ANY questions, give us a call , we will be happy to help ! 

Terms & Conditions

Please note that during the time of rental you are fully responsible for the bikes.

Before renting, please read our rental conditions and a full list of replacement and repair costs.

Need more information ?

Give us a call at + 33 (0)1 44 08 05 28